Thursday, May 18, 2006

Road Trip to Los Angeles

After 2 weeks of living in San Diego, it was time for a change of scenery. :) So, we spent a week up in the Los Angeles area.

Ok, it was only a 2 hour drive, but other than visiting his cousins in Sterling, VA, it was Will's first long road trip. I am happy to report that future road trips for Will look promising. He happily rode with us for the full 2 hours. We didn't have to stop during this trial road trip. This is a good thing since we plan on going to Sequoia National Park this summer, more than 6 hours away.

Will in Car Seat

Visiting Friends
Why did we go to Los Angeles? Primarily because Dan had a Systems Engineering Conference located in Redondo Beach. All of the people in the SEA program were there. Oddly, Tyler, who we met in Melbourne, was also in town for work. And, of course, we got to see a bunch of people from our church group, Vow Builders, who we met when we lived in Redondo Beach over the winter of 2004/2005.

While Dan was at his conference, I got to hang out with Tammy. We got together at her house to work on scrapbook pages. Now, I do own all of the supplies to create scrapbook pages, however, I have only actually created 1-2 full pages in my life. Typically a session of creating scrapbook pages goes like this: Tammy works on her scrapbook and completes 1 page during our 5 hours session. February creates greeting cards. I focus on the perfect details of the project and accomplish nothing. Our session last week was a little different. Yes, Tammy completed a single scrapbook page during our 5 hour session. Unfortunately Feb couldn't make it to the session. I completed the paperwork for my insurance claim related to giving birth. FINALLY! Oh wait, I was supposed to be scrapbooking. hmmm... maybe next time

South Coast Botanic Gardens
One of the activities of our visit to the Los Angeles area was our trip to a landfill. Ok, it used to be a landfill back in the 1960's. Now it is a beautiful garden. And it also has a pond where you can take quaint, "old-fashioned" pictures.

A Day in the Garden Park

We took 50 or so pictures of various flowers and some of us.

Various Flower

Another Various Flower


50 pictures in 3 hours! Not enough, you say? That's ok, Tammy covered us by taking about 150 during this time. Here is one of me looking maternal.

Turns out the shirt I bought the day before at the Galleria Mall makes me look pregnant. Somebody should have told me when I tried it on! Seriously, I am really back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I was there a week after giving birth. I really need to get some slimmer clothes.

Oh yeah, notice how I "look" maternal? Lovingly reaching down towards my baby? In reality, I am actually being vain. If you look closely at my hands, I am putting my glasses down so that I can be photographed without them. You see, I put my left contact in my eye inside out that morning and it just felt wrong. Not realizing that it was inside out, I opted to wear my glasses to the garden instead of contacts. If you look at all of our pictures from that day, you will see me in glasses sometimes and without glasses at other times.

Will wasn't up for much posing while we were at the garden. The warm weather made him kind of sleepy. So we did the best we could, posing him in his car seat.

Baby Left on the Door Step

Sitting on a Wall

Don't worry, he avoided a great fall. In another part of the garden, we posed on the cute bridge.

Scot and Tammy on cute bridge

Angela, Dan, and Will on cute bridge

We were so glad to see so many friends on our trip. On the way home to San Diego, Will slept the entire way once again. We hope to go on many more roadtrips in the future.

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Oh how I missed the fun- and three times!I will get to visit with you soon my time should be more regulated as of next week! :)