Friday, May 05, 2006

Return to the Land of Stuff

Dan and Will and I have successfully moved from our 300 square foot apartment in Tokyo, Japan to a huge apartment in San Diego, CA. What comes with all of this new space? That's right! Stuff! Yesterday we received 30 boxes of our stuff from the movers. We will be receiving 10 more boxes in the mail. What kind of stuff, you might ask?

Well... We are just not sure how we survived in Tokyo without our:
salad spinner
veggie chopper
mini muffin pan
vacuum sealer
crock pot
fondue set
wine rack
paper towel holder
coffee carafe
poker chips
Nintendo 64
Three TVs (our apartment came furnished, including a TV for each of us)
Fake Tree (apartment also came furnished with fake tree)

And, of course, we have accumulated a large amount of Baby Stuff:
Bouncy Chair (Will loves it, he is sitting in it now allowing me to blog)
Baby Monitor (allows us to sleep better at night since Will is in a separate room, but we can still hear him when he wakes up every night at precisely 1am and 5am)
Diaper Genie (prevents our apartment from smelling like diapers)
Baby Bjorn (helps Will to be calm when the movers move boxes in)
'Tummy Time' mat shaped like surfboard
Car Seat and Stroller (useful for taking walks over to the strip malls near our apartment)

Land of Strip Malls
We have also traded our quaint city neighborhood life for the crazy land of the suburbs. While downtown San Diego is only 1/2 hour drive away, we get to live with a panoramic view of strip malls and housing developments. The mountains are pretty in the background...

What is included in this crazy land? All within walking distance are:

CostCo, Home Depot, Comp USA, Ralph's (grocery store), Trader Joe's, Rite Aid, Michael's Crafts, Payless Shoes, Mervyn's, Ross, Marshall's, Sears, Staples, Borders, PetCo, Barnes and Nobel, Right Start (baby store), Blockbuster, Post Office, Movie Theater

Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, Hot Java Cafe, Jamba Juice, Taco Bell, Rubio's Fresh Mex, Chevy's, Jalapenos Mexican Food, Little Tokyo, Island's Fine Burgers, Yummy Sushi, Olive Garden, Bruegger's Bagels, Thaigo Restaurant, Mc Donald's, Panera, Carl's Jr, California Pizza Kitchen, Marie Calendar's, Pat and Oscar's, The Claim Jumper, Dairy Queen, Boston Market, Wendy's, Baskin-Robbins, Cold Stone Creamery, Irish Pub, Greek Restaurant, TGI Friday's

So, basically, if you come to visit us, you will be able to experience this utopian suburban world that we now live in.


Angela Hines said...

Hooray for Suburban Utopia! You can walk to ever more than I can! Isn't it great! :)

Angela Hines said...

whoops! can't spell. meant "even more". :)

Dawn said...

Glad you're getting settled. Now, post some new pics of that cutie (Will, not Dan smartie-pants!!!!!

Angela said...

Hmm... It seems that my new lifestyle of less sleep has impacted my ability to write sarcastically.

To clarify: Suburbs = Weird Place
Cookie Cutter Chain Stores = Bad
Excess Stuff = Annoying Clutter