Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Boys as Knights

What better way to spend some time outside than beating your brother with an inflatable sword? 


Not Ready!  Blowing up sword!

Alex - Seriously?  How long do we need to wait?

Kabuki Pose!

Block Pose!

Alex Wins!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Sad Frog

Ever since Alex was born, Will has been around.  They have lived in the same bedroom, gone to the same school, and played with the same toys.  So, this year, as Will is 7, he had the option for some different camps.  One of these camps was a computer programming course based on the MIT developed "Scratch" object-oriented, event-driven, visual programming language.

Here is one of the things Will created in Scratch:

While Will was becoming the programmer of tomorrow (today!), Alex was at a different camp.  Here is what he created during his camp week.

Sad Frog with Tears

When we asked Alex why all of the other frogs were happy...

Happy Frogs made by other Kids

Asked why his frog was sad, Alex explained that it was funny.  I think he might be starting to understand the concept of humor through irony.  So, we asked why the frog was sad.  It seems that he was sad because the 10 flowers bloomed. 

The motif continued throughout the week

Sad Spider with Tears

And, finally, one of the least sad bugs of all...

Sad Ladybug, complete with Tears

We shall see what occurs this coming week as Alex will be completely without Will.  Will gets to go to sleep away camp from Monday to Friday.  Alex will get to hang out at beach camp with a friend, but will be without Will the rest of the time.