Monday, May 22, 2006

30th Birthday Update

It's time!

If you got the evite and thought, "I don't live anywhere near San Diego, what is up with this evite?" You are probably not alone. There are actually not any people from San Diego invited to the birthday celebration. We are currently in that stage of not having friends after we move. Bad timing for a birthday, I know. So, we invited people from the far reaches of the globe.

If you didn't get an evite and thought, "Does Angela hate me? What is up with this?" You are probably also not alone. I wasn't sure who to impose an evite on. However, this doesn't mean that you are not welcome. Drop me an email and I can send you the details about the event.

Of course, this may not be the greatest birthday bash of the decade. (See above about not having friends nearby.) And for some reason, I just couldn't pull of the great Chicago Birthday Celebration of 2000 that Robin did for her 22nd birthday. She had people from Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia attending!

I can't even pull off the combination at Dad's surprise 50th birthday party where Dad, Robin, Daniel, and I were all there (featuring Uncle Joel in chair). It was kind of funny because I flew in from Virginia for the surprise. However, I had just flown in the weekend before too for my High School Reunion, but I couldn't tell Dad in order to make it even more exciting that I was there for his birthday. :) Ah, the intrigue!

Oh, and who could forget Dan's 26th birthday in Charlotte which was full of Georgia Tech presents!

Oh, and the Dan's 27th birthday party while we were in Japan:

For my last birthday we were in Florida and took a trip up to St. Augustine (oldest city in US, fitting to visit as I was getting old). As we were in the same situation of having just moved and we didn't know anyone yet, Dan and I spent it together, just the two of us.

Who will join us this year? That is yet to be seen. We hope to see some of you on Sunday, May 28th, here in San Diego.

What about Will? Of course he will be joining us. And, since he only wakes up about 1 time per night to eat, he should be good company for those of you who decide to stay overnight with us. And, he is getting a little more interactive with smiling and cooing and stuff. He will be ready to play after he wakes up and has a bit of coffee...


Dan said...

Everyone must come to the BIRTHDAY

The power of the BIRTHDAY commands you.

watterflower said...

Who was from Illinois?