Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's a Small Park After All

Do you ever go somewhere and meet someone you have something in common with? Ok, most likely you do. That's how you get friends, right? Well, a funny thing happened to us Sunday morning. Of course we were awake early because Will doesn't understand how to sleep in on weekends. And church was quite a long time away. So we decided to take a walk to Starbucks. On the way there is a small park with a little playground (or "plague round" according to the google translated Japanese Babies R Us website). Will got all excited when he saw the playground, so we decided to stop.

A little while later, a father and his son stopped by to also play. Here is what we found out we had in common with them:
Live in Same Area (hence the same park)
Kids Same Age
Kids Attend Same Daycare
He and his wife both work at Dan's company
He is the office mate of a friend of ours from church
He and his wife both graduated from the University of Rochester (like me)
They also don't have any family in the area here in CA (important for babysitting)

I am sure we probably have other stuff in common with them but this was enough to convince me to give him our card. Hopefully we can exchange kids for babysitting duties. That way Dan and I can try to keep up on our dating schedule of about every 2 months or so. Perhaps even increase our frequency of leisurely meals. Maybe we could even go see a movie. In a theater. Or a play. In a different theater.

What else happened to us between James' wedding back at the beginning of April and now. I'll have to do a catch up post later. I promise pictures.