Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday to Dan!

Dan is finally 30. Yes, to all of you who thought he was older, now he finally is. Leaving his 20's behind, he looks expectantly to the future. (Insert Obama-inspired-Dan-Art here) Gone are the days of fancy free living, jaunting around the world. Now are the days of waiting until the children are old enough to jaunt some more. (We are waiting for Alex to learn about being addicted to cartoons on the portable dvd player. Maybe March or so.)

As part of Dan's life, we forced him to go to Disney Land before he turned 30. Thanks to Liz, Mike, Meghann, and Hillary for joining me in this endeavour. It was a time of sparkly joy.

Dan Using his new camera to document departing the Mickey and Friends parking garage.

Yeah, this is the escalator from the parking garage to the tram stop.

Actually in Disney Land
You know this because we are posing while standing in line.

Same line, different people posing.

Still the same line, Dan posing with snakes.

Dan spinning on the teacups.

We went on lots of rides, primarily looking for those that had height restrictions or didn't allow pregnant women. We also got to experience the unending sparkly joy of "It's a Small Christmas World." We did, however, skip Splash Mountain as it was chilly. This was a choice we were happy about later as we were not damp at dinner.

We had dinner, and birthday Mickey Mouse oranges for Dan and Hillary, at Yamabuki. Dinner was very tasty. Dan and I hope to go back to Yamabuki should we get a babysitter in the future.

Happy Birthday Dan (24th) and Hillary (25th)

Dan, Angela, Hillary, Meghann, Mike, Liz
Posing outside restaurant

On Dan's birthday, we continued the party with the Indiana Jones' cake.

It included an actual rolling boulder.  

Friday, December 26, 2008


You've already seen this picture on our blog, but now it has been lolcat'ed.

What?! No December Posts?!  

It's an outrage!

In order to remedy this situation, we will be posting December photos shortly.
Also, everyone should harass Dan to post about stuff.  Like maybe his birthday.  Or his iPhone.