Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Two Years of Will

I have a new favorite quote:
"One child is a sidekick. Two children makes you parents."

We did it! Somehow Will survived to the age of 2. He had a happy life up until last December when he seemed to realize that something was up. His parents kept talking about Alex, the baby. In an effort to help Will to understand why his mom was getting so large, we tried to tell him that there was a baby inside. He didn't get it, but went along with kissing my tummy at bedtime. Of course, he also had to kiss Dan's tummy too. And, he continues with the habit today on our much smaller tummies.

On April 6th, Will turned 2. We had a birthday party for him the day prior with actual children attending. Dan and I are still in denial to some degree about our mandated role of hanging out with only people who have children, so there were some non-parents there. Here are some pictures from the event taken mostly by Neal as Dan and I were busy managing children.

If anyone else took pictures ( Andrew), could you please send us some?

Train Cake!

Party People

Backyard Grilling

Thank you to everyone for coming! People brought gifts, fortunately not too many that produce clutter. Will got a bunch of amazing books. He loves reading them at bedtime and when he is supposed to be napping.

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