Saturday, April 12, 2008

Alex the Great International Traveler

Ok, so he had to wait longer than Will to travel internationally (3 months versus 10 days). And it was a shorter flight (2 1/2 hours versus 10 hours). But Alex got to go on his first international trip at the beginning of April. To Canada! A place where Will has only traveled in utero.

How did he like it? Well, he really doesn't like the airplanes so much. Silly baby only eats when he is hungry, so he won't nurse during take off and landing. This causes him much ear distress which he shares with the other passengers through lots of angry crying.

Disgruntled Alex Waiting at Airport

How about the rest of the trip? Dan got to spend some quality time with Alex while I hung out at a conference. I got to talk to actual other adults! It was the place to be in the world of Audit Data Analysis. I did get to push Alex around some in the stroller prior to us joining some other conference goers for dinner. Here is the lovely camera phone photo taken outside of Canadian Staples, I think.

We aren't sure if we will be taking Alex on many trips in the near future, you know, before he can be distracted by the portable dvd player. But, he will be traveling with me to Minnesota for work next month. I took Will on a plane trip by myself back when he was Alex's age, but who knows how it will go with Alex "The Great Cranky Traveler" Kroboth.

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