Saturday, April 12, 2008

Real Estate Relief

We did it! We no longer own our condo in Virginia. In this "buyer's market" we, um, sold. You might think that someone with an Economics degree might decide to sell during a seller's market, but nope. Originally, last May, we decided that we would try to rent our condo to someone. It was very nice. Not too expensive. It's wired with ethernet drops and cable drops in various rooms. But, after more than 6 months of not renting, we decided to contact a real estate agent and sell the place.

So, if you are in the market for a real estate agent in the DC area, we have a recommendation. Matthew Ryan of RE/MAX CitySide went above and beyond his duties as a realtor for us. It is difficult to sell something when you aren't nearby, but Matthew helped us to pull it off.

I guess this means that if we visit the DC area, we no longer have our own place to stay. Anyone up for hosting us? Unfortunately we have the 2 children to deal with. They are loud during the day, but actually sleep all night pretty quietly.

I forgot to attach this photo to the original post about our condo sale. As part of the sale, we had to get some documents notarized at Kinko's. Will helped us keep track of all of the signature tape flags.


Sonny said...

What do you mean -unfortunately- ?! That's a selling point, not a caveat! Try it like this: "...and as a bonus, you get to have our two wonderful energetic-by-day, chill-by-night sons! We know that sweetening the deal like this, we're gonna get more offers for lodgings than we can handle, but we'll try to get around to each and every one of you."

watterflower said...

yay kids that sleep!

Angela said...

Hey, we didn't add two sleeping rooms in the basement for nothing!

Angela said...

That's right Sonny, Language creates reality!

And I have to remember that there are people out there who love kids (even ones not their own).