Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Take Me Out to the Warm Sunny Ballgames!

Arizona is a warm, sunny, location. Dan, Will, and I just spent a long weekend hanging out with Kevin and Sara at Baseball Spring Training. Since it was sunny, we wore a lot of sunscreen and protected Will from the sun with a hat and a little tent.

Will in Tent

Since it was very warm, we all made sure to drink enough water.

Sippy cup? Who needs a sippy cup?

Will's cute hat helped him meet girls when I wasn't paying attention.

How you doing?

During one of the games, Will decided to try to sell beer, pushing the bucket around.

Future Beer Vendor

We even took a break from baseball and went to play mini-golf.

Could I get a shorter club, please?

And what is a visit to Phoenix without going over to Taliesin West and taking a picture with a cactus?
So this is the dessert?

We had a great trip, Will even survived the 6-hour drive from California to Arizona. We think that his nifty new car seat helped. Where to next? Somewhere just as hot - Houston, TX in a couple of weeks. But this time, we are flying. It will be Will's 29th flight. Maybe we will see you there!


watterflower said...

He is selling beer, hitting on girls and golfing? How old is Will now? 37?

Angela said...

Perhaps Kevin is a bad influence.