Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Couch Exists!

Back in December, Dan and I bought a couch. Back in January, a couch that was the color, "Baltic Tobacco" was delivered to us. Despite it having an archaic color name, it wasn't a bad couch. It was about the color of smoker's teeth, a nice stained brown color. But it wasn't what we paid for and it really went poorly with our carpet. So we asked that our "Baltic Olive" colored couch be delivered to us instead.

The customer service department at Linder Furniture told us that they would call the manufacturer and have them re-upholster the couch so that it would be done quickly for us, by February 7th. Not in time for the Super Bowl, but it would be done soon. But after speaking with them February 7th, the estimated delivery was February 25th. When I called the week of the 25th, no one could tell me what happened or if my couch existed. The order was basically lost. Finally, on March 8th, I was told that they would call me in a few days with a delivery time for my couch after putting a "rush" on it. The next week I called to find out about my couch. Now the day it would arrive to their store would be March 22nd. And they would get the delivery set up right away so I could have the couch on March 23 or 24. On March 22nd, the couch was still not finished, and not available for delivery. But finally, after waiting for nearly 4 months, without a couch, it arrived today!

Actual Couch... in our Living Room!

No longer will our guests have to sit on the floor! This couch can probably fit 6 people. Well, of course we have to remove the four superfluous throw pillows, but I'm sure Will can come up with a use for them.

No longer will Dan and I have to sit in our two separate chairs to watch TV. Now we can actually sit next to each other, on the couch. And Will can join us. He really likes couches. Shopping for the couch was a lot of fun for him. We just hope he doesn't get lost in the giant cushions.

Our couch is awesome. It is deep and tall. So even though Dan and I are tall, we can sit on it without our knees hanging over the seat. Plus, we can lean back and our heads still touch the back pillows.

Will was 8 months old when we bought the couch and we actually received it before his first birthday. It took nearly a third of his life to get a couch delivered! I hope there isn't anyone else out there who can make such a claim.


watterflower said...

The couch seems that it is easily taken apart.

Angela said...

all the better for making blanket and cushion forts in the living room

Anonymous said...

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