Sunday, February 11, 2007

Will Wants Snow!

Ok, maybe it is a bit more accurate to say that Will Wants to Eat Snow. How do we know this? One of the activities at Will's pre-preschool is a Snow Day. While I think of Snow Days as when the kids stay home, here in California a Snow Day is one where they bring snow to the school and the kids get to play in it. So on Friday morning, 9 tons of snow were delivered at Will's school.

Will thought the snow was bright and cold. He didn't want to crawl on the snow, instead opting to sit in one place.

Sitting Will

The only thing that motivated him were snowballs. Whenever he would discover one nearby, he would reach for it so that he could taste it.

Will Grabbing Snow

However, upon realizing that the snow was pretty cold, even in his mouth, he would make a face.

Icky Snowball

Perhaps, in the future, Will will enjoy snow in a way that does not involve eating it. For now, he simply found it cold. But, he did get to make friends with the giant snowman.

Will's Cold Friend

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watterflower said...

No one REALLY makes snow men like that. At least, people around a lot of snow don't.

That had to be planned to have the appropriate pieces at ready to make the "perfect" snow man....