Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Robin!

She is celebrating her twenty-ninth birthday. Yes, she is twenty-nine everyone. Really!

I wasn't supposed to post anything on teh blog until after we finished our Christmas letter, but I had to for this momentous occasion. And for those of you who haven't done the math, yes, my husband is 11- months younger than my little sister.

To commemorate this event, I will now post various pictures of Robin.

Robin and Will Playing with Christmas Presents

Robin and Will Playing with Turtle

Robin as Tallest Munchkin Ever

Robin Looking Tired on First Roadtrip Ever - 1999

Red Robin Bandit

Robin with Meijer Bag (birthday celebration for 22nd)

Robin in High School

Yup, perhaps I will add more insight to this post later, but for now... Happy Birthday Robin!

**Must finish Christmas Letter!


Robin said...


You used the terrible senior picture where it was really hot outside, my hair was terrible and I am wearing White tennis shoes that were supposed to be cut out of the picture!


Angela said...

And yet, no problem with being a 6' tall munchkin.

watterflower said...

nope, being a munchkin is ACTING. My line was, "We thank you very SWEetly for doing it so NEAtly." My senior picture is me.