Friday, February 23, 2007

Baby On the Move

Will did it! He learned to walk. This happened around Valentine's Day. He decided to try to take a step. After a few tries, he was taking 3-4 steps. These days he is wandering across the room. Of course, he has been trying for a few weeks to balance standing on his own. Here he is in mid-January standing around.

Happy to Stand Around

Of course, for a while there, Will knew that he could crawl a lot faster than he could walk, so he wasn't trying. But that is all behind us now. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to add video to the blog, so you will just have to believe us when we say Will can walk.

Other things that Will has decided to do:

1) Sleep All Night - It has been more than a month of sleeping. I feel like a real person again. Of course, the Will sleeping is due to me not drinking caffeine, so I don't have that jolt of productivity in the morning. Plus, now that there is no high quantities of liquid caffeine in my diet, I have enhanced my relationship with sugar, specifically chocolate chips.

2) Eat Entire Apples - The other day Will pulled a bag of apples off the table in our kitchen, grabbed one of the apples, and started to chow down. By the time we were ready to leave, he had finished half of the apple. Now we core the apple for him and just let him eat it. The hole left from coring makes a great thumb hold for Will. This method of feeding our baby apples is much more efficient than cutting slices and feeding them to him one at a time.

Will Eating Apple

3) Play Outside - Will has overcome his fear of grass. Fortunately he is also in a phase where he isn't automatically putting everything in his mouth. So, we can let him wander outside. Unfortunately he likes to taste dirt from our flower bed. Also, when he is in the back "yard," much of it is our driveway and when he falls he has to crawl on cement. I was thinking of getting him these Snazzy Baby Knee Pads.

Not only has Will accomplished much during the month of February, Dan and I also accomplished things. Well, maybe only one thing. We finished our Christmas letter! Now it is sort of a Christmas / President's Day letter, but it has gone out. If you didn't get a copy, don't fear, we are still sending out the second phase (when we had to look up addresses or email addresses). If you still don't get it in a couple of weeks, your address is probably stored in a box, in our garage, and we hope to find it by next Christmas. Just drop us a line and we will send you the Christmas letter right away!

We hope to post more to the blog as we have a few exciting adventures coming up. What's next? See you at Baseball Spring Training in AZ!


watterflower said...

Some of the most useful phrases that Sophi recognizes are "Not for babies," and "Hands down." These two phrases help A LOT with walking babies.

Angela said...

We say "Not Food!" a lot.

Mayson and Laura Morrissey said...

Hey, we didn't get one of your Christmas/President's Day letters! :( You can send it to our e-mail (unless you want to pay 80 cents to mail it all the way to Austria). My friend Anne also has a blog and she puts video on hers using something called "drop shots." I think it's a website; she loves it but I've never checked it out. And, the Morrissey family circus is coming to LA in the middle of June, so we want to make plans to see you. How's that for a laundry list of stuff!

Angela said...

Excellent! Will likes hanging out with girls. He is trouble. Emailed you the Christmas letter.