Friday, January 05, 2007

The January Caffeine Reduction Plan...

...has gone terribly awry. You see, the idea was that I would start with the base amount of coffee that I consume in a day. This is approximately 2 or 3 cups of coffee. Then, I would gradually start replacing some of the caffeinated coffee in the pot with decaffeinated coffee.

Side note: With the help of Robin, we finally found our coffee pot. Yes, it was in the garage, in a box, much like the rest of our stuff. Now I don't have to convince a coffee filter to stay in my travel mug while I drain hot water through the coffee grounds.

A way to make bad coffee

The caffeine reduction plan was simple and gradual. I would still drink coffee, but have less caffeine. I would convince myself that I wanted to order tasty decaf at coffee houses. I would wean gradually!

What happened? Oddly, it was lack of sleep that caused me to re-think my plan. I know, normally lack of sleep inspires people to drink more coffee. However, this is different. It all started Monday night.

What happened Monday night? Will slept for 10 hours! This was very exciting. We put him to bed at 8pm and he woke up at 6am. The next day I was alert, energized, loving life. I thought, this is the dawn of a new area of wakefulness and productivity!

Of course on Tuesday night things didn't go so well. Will woke up more times than I can count. Counting skills greatly decrease as you get less sleep. Wednesday night he only woke up 2 times, but really, I am not sure what day it is now, so I could be wrong, he may have woken up 4 times for all I remember. Confusion about Will not sleeping aside, I decided it was time for drastic action. It is possible that the caffeine that I drink could be affecting Will.

I stopped yesterday.

If Will's sleeping does not improve in a week, I may go back to the sweet nectar of caffeine. But really, at that point, the hard part of quitting is over (hard part is headache for 3 days). I may just take Ben's approach to it and start drinking the anti-oxidant-rich, healthier tea.


Robin said...

Yes! Drink Green tea!

Angela said...

Maybe YOU should drink green tea!
*crankiness is a side effect of quitting caffeine*

Robin said...

Sorry, I was channeling Daniel there for a minute.

Mayson and Laura Morrissey said...

Wow, too bad Mayson isn't breastfeeding. I would love for him to stop drinking coffee so much and this seems like the perfect reason (although in all fairness he has cut back almost exclusively to decaf). I've tried every rationale I can think of...too bad he probably won't buy this one.

Angela said...

I too wish that men could breastfeed. Maybe you can tell him that the babies absorb the caffeine from his skin and he should therefore stop. Except for the fact that being addicted to caffeine is great!

Patrick said...

Deborah tried that with Ruth - leaving off of coffee that is. We saw absolutely no difference after a week and a half.

Needless to say, she's back on the fully leaded tea and colas! Hope your trials give you better results!