Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Will is Ninja

That's right, Will dressed up as a tiny ninja! Here he is being stealthy...

Piercing Ninja Eyes

Now before you say, "But it looks like he is wearing a burka," check out the side view of his hooded mask. Dan and I think he looks like Link from Legend of Zelda. .. if the outfit were green.

Ninja Sideview

The people at our Residence Inn Social Hour thought the costume was great.

Ninja in Residence Inn Highchair

The Residence Inn staff thought he was so cute that they gave him prizes: 1) About 80 individually wrapped jelly bellies which I, of course, claimed for myself and 2) Mattel gift cards. We went to the Mattel store and used them to start his train track collection. We decided that while we like wooden toys, the GeoTrax plastic set is cool and easier for small hands to handle. This is important because train sets are recommended for ages 2 and up, but we can't wait that long. This way, Will can chew on a piece of track, splinter-free, while Dan and I play with the train. So if you want to get Will train stuff for Christmas, GeoTrax are the way to go (We will post more Will Christmas ideas later). Here is what we ended up getting, a starter set and a rainbow bridge.
Of course, Will's ninja experience was not limited to the Residence Inn. We also went to a pumpkin carving event at Paul and Wendi's house. Unfortunatley it was not Cathy and Wes' event, but it was still fun.

Curious Ninja

Happy Ninja Attacking from Above

Pumpkins in a Row

Guess which one is Will's ninja pumpkin.

Thanks to Robin for the awesome outfit! Coming soon... Adventures of the Christmas Ninja.

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watterflower said...

yay! finally ninja costumes online! Woot!