Thursday, October 19, 2006

We Forgot to Mention...

With all of the crazy packing, moving, house hunting, you might think that we did not have time to celebrate Will's half birthday. Well, you would be wrong! You know I would never miss an opportunity to consume a frosting covered cake! During our house hunting trip to Redondo Beach last week, we celebrated. Here is Will with the super cake:

You know you have a good thing when your cake is bigger than your head. Or bigger than all of you. MMmmm... It took us forever to eat the thing. We had some Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, the next Friday, then we finally threw the rest out since we were leaving. We tried sharing with as many people as we could find, but it was an everlasting cake.

Here is another half birthday picture. We are hanging out on our hotel room couch, a cute happy family:

So, Happy Half Birthday Will. While you were not able to eat any of the cake, we enjoyed it very much.

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watterflower said...

Speaking of half birthday, I haven't received my 5 and 6 month pictures from you!