Monday, October 16, 2006

Our Little Rocket Scientist

After 6 months of homeschool, Will started pre-pre-school today. What is this place that can provide social interaction, mental stimulation, and art projects? It is called "The Launching Pad." I'm sure Will is going to figure out sometime soon that we want him to be an engineer. At that time, he will probably go through some sort of backlash and end up an artist. Then we will have to send him to summer camp at Aunt Robin's.

I would post a picture of Will being happy in his new environment. However, my new phone is kind of stupid. It won't let me transfer the pictures from the camera feature to anywhere useful. Must overcome technology deficiency. Perhaps tomorrow.

Oh yeah, after a fun day at pre-pre-school, we introduced Will to the tradition of
Monday Night Tacos!

You too can join us for this tasty treat. Excellent tacos are available for $2. There are also $2 specials on beer and house wine. Where is this great taste adventure? Lou-e-Luey's on the Redondo Beach Pier offers specials on Monday nights. We used to go all of the time when we lived here before. So, Julie, Shin, Lucy? If you read this blog, we expect to see you some Monday, perhaps around 6:30pm.

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watterflower said...

Yay! Summer Camp with Aunt Robin! I am preparing!