Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Cereal Lover's Cafe - Awesome Things in Toulouse

There are a couple of daily, free newspapers that are handed out around Toulouse.  They highlight different events going on locally.  This week, I was wandering around Toulouse with our friends, the Westleys, and managed to pick one of these up.  One of the front page "headlines" indicated that a new cafe had opened up in town.  It's a cafe that serves 55 different types of breakfast cereal, at all times of the day!

Cereal Lovers Cafe

The boys enjoy cereal and were kind of excited about trying this out.  So, Saturday morning we headed out for breakfast!

The formula is one bowl, two cereals, one candy topping, one liquid topping, one milk choice.  You can also add whipped cream for an extra charge.

Alex picked chocolate lucky charms, cocoa crispies, mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce, and regular milk.

So much chocolate!

Will picked chex, fruit loops, mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce, and regular milk.

Must eat sugar for energy!

Dan picked something healthy, something else healthy, with something healthy on top, honey, and almond milk.

Dan questioning his healthy choices, Alex approving of them

I had cereal and milk only.  The traditional childhood breakfast of Lucky Charms.  Except I didn't just eat the marshmallows.  As a responsible adult, I ate those other things in the cereal.  I think they are called cereal.  They are made out of grain.  And sugar too, of course, but not as much as in the colorful marshmallows.

Only Lucky Charms

There was also another option.  This "Cereal Bar" also has some beverages. Dan and I got coffee, but after the kids were done ordering their elaborate cereal, we made them skip the hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows.  

It took some encouraging to get the kids to order.  Fortunately the ordering scheme is based on the number assigned to each cereal.  And, the kids know French numbers.  It almost worked.  Will was too timid.  Alex ordered by number in French, but was too quiet.  Finally they ended up with what they wanted.  I mildly protested as they added marshmallow and chocolate sauce, but let them add them on as this was our first visit and sugar cereal consumption seemed to be the concept.  But when the guy asked if we wanted to add on the Chantilly (whipped cream), I turned it down. Alex heard the question, understood it, and of course said yes.  I overruled.  

After cereal consumption, the boys investigated the video game machine, ultimately finding "Street Fighter."  Alex claimed they had pro skills and that they were really good at it.  The whole place was decorated in 1990s stuff.  The music was also from the 1990s.  We listened to "The Thong Song," "Mambo Number 5," and "Semi-Charmed Life."  There were various Nintendo paraphernalia around and also pictures of the characters in Beverly Hills 90210.

Overall, it was nice to grab a couple of share bikes, let the kids scooter over to the cafe, and eat some interesting breakfast cereal.  I'm just hoping that some of the sugar was burned off during the commute.  

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