Wednesday, February 08, 2017

February Break Adventures

In France, we have a shorter summer vacation than in the United States.  This means that the kids get July and August off of school, but go to school all of June.  However, it also means that in addition to a two week Christmas vacation, they also get a two week October Break, a two week break in February, and a two week Spring Break in April.  Unfortunately for Dan, he doesn't get to take all of these breaks and he had to work during the most recent one, the February break.  This left the kids and I on our own for most of the break entertainment.

Space Museum Weekend Visit

Break officially started after school on February 3rd.  So the next day, we went to the Space Museum to use our Annual Pass that Liz and Mike got us for Christmas last year one last time.  Here is Will, resting in an egg chair, hopefully learning something.

Dark Egg Chair

And Alex, he spent the most time in the egg chair.  We had been running around doing other activities prior to this.  I think the boys were getting tired.

Alex, Resting also in cocoon-like environment

Just a couple of feet down from the egg chairs was this display.  Because they love to talk about Trump here in France.  And because he is totally about space and needs to be in a French space museum.  Yup.

Movie Monday

On Monday, I was trying to meet up with someone at Starbucks.  She got overbooked and wasn't able to make it.  That didn't stop the kids and I from going to Starbucks though.  The Toulousian Starbucks is next door to the movie theater.  So we stopped by to see what was playing.  Then, the weirdest thing happened!  Will and Alex asked to go to a movie!  And, they knew that there aren't many movies shown here in the original language.  They asked to go to a French movie!  Well, not really French.  It was called "Tout en Scene."  This is French for "Sing."  Not translated literally.  We all know French for "to sing" is "chanter."  The movie title literally means "All on Stage."  I think.  

Will's reason for going to see the movie was that he saw a preview on you tube that demonstrated that the songs were not translated into French, that they were still in English.  This meant that he would be able to follow the story.  So, we went to the movie.  They seemed to enjoy it and most of it was understandable to me, even the parts that were not English songs.

We are having fun

The only problem with French movie theaters, and probably European movie theaters, in general, is that they don't have butter to add to the popcorn.  You can get salty popcorn or sweet popcorn, but there is no liquidy buttery goodness to make you completely greasy while you enjoy your movie.

Stay at Home Tuesday

After a busy long weekend, we took a break.  By downloading The Legend of Zelda NES to the Wii U.  Alex enjoyed playing it.  My brain remembered useless facts from 20 years ago back when Kyle played Legend of Zelda on an actual NES.

Then, after spending far too much time indoors, we ventured outside to Le Grand Round.  It was pretty rainy so we stopped under the large gazebo.  

Rain Selfie

For dinner, we waited for Dan to return from work, then went over to Le Adjacent Cafe.  Because it is near us.  Adjacent, you might say.  They had a board game group meeting there.  You can see the giant shelf of boardgames behind Alex.  

Ice Skating Wednesday

You know how they say kids have to try something, whether it is food or an activity, like 7 times before they actually like it.  Well, this must be Will's 7th time going ice skating.  

In this video, you can see proof of the boys ice skating.  Alex crashes into the blue banner and Will walks like a duck.

A fun start to the February vacations!

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