Monday, February 11, 2008

Alex is more than a month old!

Ok, we probably should have posted last Tuesday when Alex was actually a month old, but he and I were taking a business trip to Charlotte, NC.

What have we learned about the little guy in the last month? To start, except for his unusual size, he is completely different than Will. Will was the model child. Or at least we believe this to be true as our memories of being super tired the first month have faded 22 months later. Will would sleep for about 5-6 hours at a time. He didn't spit up, have diaper rash, or excessive gas. He was good at nursing. Alex has every issue that Will managed to avoid. Most of his issues prevent him from getting large chunks of sleep at night. This causes me to be a little loopy due to lack of sleep. Think Zaphod Beeblebrox in the movie with the lemon thing on his remaining head. I'll have the occasional burst of energy when infused with a "lemon" (coffee). However, the rest of the day I basically spend randomly searching for stuff. Places to go, ways to entertain the kids, food... Magrathea! Or sometimes I fall asleep on the couch with Will climbing on me. It's easier than you would think.

Of course, not everything about Alex is all crankiness and no sleep. He is getting cute. As promised, here are comparison pictures of Alex and Will at 4 weeks old.

As you can see, Will still has the cuteness advantage, but Alex is not far behind. He's got more hair than Will (at 4 weeks) and he just started practicing smiling.

Must Learn to Smile Without Looking Goofy!

So what did we do to celebrate Alex's 1 month birthday? We ate cake while he slept.

Must Learn to Be Awake at Important Moments!

Alex is also working on his head control which means it is time to let him sit in the little Bumbo chair.

I have learned to look at the camera!

I'm not sure how parents manage to have more than one child and maintain their sanity. I think that statements such as "Children are the Future" and "Children are a Blessing" are things that people say to give themselves hope that their sleepless crazy state will actually end. As for me, my opinion about having 2 children so they can play with each other has been surpassed by my new opinion that parents should have a single child, then live in a neighborhood with lots of playmates.

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Angela said...

Trust's gets MUCH better!! The boys totally entertain themselves for much for the's so awesome!! However, you're definitely in the tough part! Hang in there!