Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yes, He's Actually Cute!

Finally, the much sought after Alex pictures!

A Few Hours Old

3 Days Old

Sleepy Dad and Alex
1 week old

Passport Photo
9 days old

We had to apply for a passport for 2 reasons. First, we have a trip planned to Canada for a conference in April. Second, as Alex was born at home, he wasn't automatically "in the system." This means that we had to go get his birth certificate from the Health Services place downtown. It also means that he doesn't have another form of id. So, he couldn't apply for a Social Security Number. Oddly, it's easier to get a passport than a Social Security Number. We just had to bring him and his birth certificate to the Post Office and vouch for his identity as his parents. We will get his Social Security Number for him later. The only reason he needs it right now is so that he can open a bank account.

12 Days Old, Still Sleepy

3 Weeks Old

Will and Alex

Alex looking concerned about Will catapulting him
into the next room with the bouncy chair

Will actually tries to use the bouncy chair as a catapult. I can't leave him alone with Alex for a minute. He means well, but doesn't quite understand that the baby can't play and doesn't like to be touched while he is sleeping.

You may have noticed that we have the same bouncy chair that Will was "measured" in when he was a baby. It was a gift to Will from Kevin and Sara. Here is a comparison so far...

Will on Left
2 weeks old

Alex on Right
3 days old

We forgot to take a picture of Alex at 2 weeks in the bouncy chair. We will do another comparison at 4 weeks.


Angela said...

How cute is that pic of both boys!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Nice to see you, Alex! And good job, Angela and Dan!


liz said...

Wow, they look a lot alike. I think Alex may end up looking a bit more like Dan. Both are super cute! :)

watterflower said...

I have the first picture as my wall paper.