Saturday, December 16, 2006

Our New House

Ok, I've been promising pictures of our new house for a while now.

Here is what it looks like from the road

We also get to do fun things like decorate the house with Christmas lights.

The inside of the house? Hmmm, perhaps that will be revealed once we have fewer boxes in there. Basically it looks like a combination office store and housing goods store exploded, leaving their remains everywhere. Add in a bunch of dirty dishes (because our dishwasher only seems to clean things on the bottom rack), and you've got the idea.

Dan and I are enjoying our new home. Will is also enjoying crawling around the boxes and will taste anything that we leave for him on the floor. However, we have found a way to keep him safely in one place. Turns out he doesn't like grass. So if we put a blanket in the yard, it is like a little island from which he cannot escape. Inside the house though, we must stop him from eating things constantly. Oh, to baby-proof the house!


watterflower said...

That is hilarious. He doesn't like grass?

Angela Hines said...

Love the house...but whose truck in the drive??

Angela said...

Everyone asks about the truck!
This picture is from before we bought the house, notice real estate sign in yard (behind tree).