Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Robots

I guess I forgot to mention what to get Dan and myself for Christmas if you feel compelled to send more than a greeting card.

Basically we want robots. Currently Will is playing the role of Roomba by crawling around and sucking up all tiny pieces of paper, foam, plastic, food, etc, that is on our carpet and kitchen floor. We really need to replace Will with something that is built for sucking up various tiny items. If you would like to help us out with our Roomba fund, we are hoping to buy the
Roomba Discovery. Ultimately we would like to possibly get the whole gamut of cleaning robots, plus the lawn mower robot, but we are good starting with the Roomba Discovery.

Whatever you decide to do, please try to avoid sending us any boxes. Why? Because in about a week we will have 100 boxes at our house. Yes! 100 boxes! The movers will be dropping off our stuff from Virginia. It is unlikely that by Christmas we will make much of a dent in this mountain of stuff. If you would like to get us something other than a contribution to the Roomba fund, please send a small envelope with a gift card to a store that a new home owner might appreciate. We prefer Home Depot or Bed Bath and Beyond. We have to buy things like a ladder, roof sealant, washcloths, sheets, etc.

No more stuff in boxes!
If in doubt, send a greeting card, just be sure to get our new address.


watterflower said...

I want a Roomba!

Can I call it George?

Angela said...

Since Roombas are people too, you can name them just like people. George is a good name.

watterflower said...

Anonymous said...

Does a gundam count as a robot?

Angela said...

Sure, "anonymous" *cough* Rich, gundams count as robots. You would be the one to know.

Very exciting, we are half way there to getting our Roomba! Thanks for those who are helping our Christmas robot wishes to come true.