Saturday, November 26, 2005

Welcome to your New Apartment - Excitement on the First Night

That's right, Dan and I finally moved out of our hotel on Friday into our new sunny, Japanese-style apartment. More about that later. First, the description of our first night here.

Why were we awake at 1am?

Well, we were asleep, then the first siren we ignored, figuring that we simply lived too close to the fire station. But then there was a second siren and loud booming noises. I turned over and queried Dan, "Are those explosions?" So, we finally got up to check things out. Here's the view from our balcony.

Fortunately the fire seemed to be limited to a single building. There were lots of fire trucks and water. Poor wooden building. The booming noises were the roof collapsing. The good news, for us, is that our building is made more of brick. And don't worry, we have sprinklers in our apartment:

And a handy escape ladder on our balcony.

More about the nifty features of our strange apartment later...

In the morning, the poor building looked like this, but the fire had been very succesfully contained. It doesn't even look like there was smoke damage on the building next door.

We are hoping for a calmer night tonight.


Ben Thompson said...

Thanks for providing photographic evidence of your apartment's superior fire-protections systems. I will sleep easier now. I clicked the link that reviews the Tokyo restaurant before I read the whole blog and somehow I knew that you would end up at the Pink Cow. By the way, I love foie gras. What gives?

Angela said...

What in the world is foie gras? And how might it be related to Thanksgiving?