Sunday, June 09, 2013


Early this morning, just in time for the 7:35am start time of the purple wave in the Redondo Beach Triathlon, we arrived at the beach to see a bunch of swimmers in the ocean. 

Dan, wearing a purple swim cap, somewhere in the ocean

The boys were oddly not having a problem leaving their Saturday morning cartoons to go watch a race.  They seemed to have accepted this routine.  Or, it might have something to do with the novelty of eating chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies for breakfast.  Because, as Alex likes to say, "They have oyt-meal in them!" So they are clearly made for breakfast.
Staying warm, eating cookies for breakfast
The boys were very good at staying out of the way of the racers.  In the picture above, they are a few feet away from the tracks of wet foot prints where the athletes were transitioning from the half mile ocean swim to the area where their bicycles were.  Here is Dan doing the transition.
Tri-Dan Saying "Hi" as he jogs by
 After the race to bike transition, the boys took to the park, doing their own version of a tri.  This one was climb-balance-spin.  The backyard merry-go-round training really helped them with the spinning part.


Balance - Team Section

'Not Quite Synchronized' Spinning

As I was responsibly supervising my children in the park, I didn't get to see any of the 6 mile biking part of the race.  However, I'm sure I will make up for that next weekend as I supervise Dan's tandem bike ability at Mackinaw Island while I pedal too, of course.

I did catch the transition phase of the race yet again.  This time between biking and running.  There goes Dan, he was a bit fast for me to catch a good shot.  Plus, I was busy eating a cookie and drinking 20oz of coffee.

Transition Dan
Dan finished the race in under an hour!  Here he is at the finish line.

He finished 20th in his age group of 57, pretty cool!  
Will beat Alex in the cookie eating, 5 to 3.

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