Friday, December 14, 2012

Technology Hand-Me-Down Fail

Extra iPhone
The home button on Dan's iPhone just doesn't work.  For months, he has been using the "accessibility feature" on the phone where there is a virtual home button on the screen.  So, when it was upgrade time, Dan got a new iPhone.  

What to do with the old, "broken" iPhone?  Both boys each have a 2nd generation iPod Touch, so they can play games, listen to music, and watch YouTube videos of Marble Runs.  However, they are slightly frustrated that newer games don't run on their iPods because of the graphics or iOS requirements.  They are always asking to use our iPhones or the iPad to run these games.  This defeats one of the purposes of having the iPod Touches in the first place!

We decided to let Alex have the hand-me-down iPhone.  Why not Will?  One of the trends in elementary education in this area of California is the addition of new technology in the classroom.  The students are learning how technology and life work together.  This means that one of the elementary schools near the kids' school has decided that all of their students must have iPads.  And our school, not to be left behind, is considering making this move too.  So, it is possible that Will is going to get an iPad soon.  And really, what 6-year-old needs both an iPad and iPhone?

The Fail
Dan and I both have iPhones and we had a pair of standard covers for them.  They were both black.  Mine has a small geometric pattern on the back and Dan's is solid.  This was not a problem to our adult discerning minds.  However, it seems the cases were not different enough for Alex to tell the difference.  He was peacefully using "his iPhone" one day.  When we asked what he was up to, he mentioned that he was moving his apps around and deleting the apps he doesn't need anymore.  

Let's just say... he now has this case for his iPhone.

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