Friday, August 03, 2012

Neon "Glow" Paint

Many of the kids' toys have been in the garage since our carpet replacement in April.  One of the things that we have missed are our art supplies.  They boys' still have their sketchbooks and pencils, but glue, scissors, stickers, and paint brushes were all outside in the garage.  

Until today!

Some paints that I had ordered on amazon arrived today.  Washable neon poster paints.  They are quite bright.  
Bright Colors

This is the first time in a long time I have painted with the boys.  It went amazingly smoothly.  They didn't mix any of the paints together to make a mess, they washed their brushes dutifully in between colors, drying them on the dry tissue carefully.  They didn't spill any of the brush water.  Alex even volunteered to replace the dirty water and managed to do so without a problem. 

Deliberate Painting
When we started out, the boys immediately knew what they wanted to paint.  Will painted a train station.  Alex drew a giant iceberg, then painted it.  I, as the mildly uncreative adult, drew a picture of "Worm" a picture from one of Alex's reading practice books that happened to be sitting next to me.

Completed Pictures

For the final touch, we made the NEON GLOW using a black light.  

Worm is Glowing
Train Station

The boys were very excited to see the results of their paintings and love looking at different things under the back light. Fortunately there is wikipedia to explain about black light.

We are having a summer filled with art and science.  How about you?


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