Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time to Write

Alex has jumped into the fray of being a writer.  His first note to the world?  "Hello?" Of course not.  

My Room
Alex and Will
Mom no You
Not can
not come inn

The reason behind this?  Oh Alex is a super sleeper. He let us get sleep when he was a baby.  He would let us sleep in on weekends if he could. And when he is a teenager, I'm sure it will be the same.  We will be dragging him out of bed for many years.  

When it is time to get up and get ready for school or summer camp or something else going on in the morning, Alex grumbles.  Or he wakes up and is dazed for a while.  So, I offered him the choice: he could either wake up early and eat breakfast at home with us OR he can sleep in until it is time to leave and eat his breakfast in the car.  The day he wrote this, he was opting for the sleeping-in option.  And it made him a happy morning guy.  

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