Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year, New Hair

During 2010, I grew my hair longer. Which, of course, meant that I spent most of 2010 with 'transition' hair. Fortunately, my hair is now long enough to pull back in a pony tail which makes it more manageable than the sticking out at the sides 'transition' style.

Here is a family picture from the Fall at the Wilderness Park. Because the kids live in a suburb of Los Angeles, sometimes we have to take them to dedicated parks to expose them to nature.

Kroboths among well-groomed 'wilderness'

I was even able to wear my hair in an 'up do' for the first time in a long time. I did express my concerns to my stylist as to whether an 'up do' was even appropriate for my age or if it would be too prom-night-was-more-than-a-decade-ago. She reassured me that it would be ok.

Well-groomed Kroboths

You may notice that I am slouching and trying to move my feet apart as much as possible in order not to tower over Dan here. It's a funny story...

I needed dress shoes to wear with my shiny dress. I had to wear the shiny dress because the company Holiday Party was being held at the Hollywood Magic Castle. So, the morning of the event, I went shopping. As Dan was at work, I took the kids to Nordstrom's Rack with me. At Nordstrom's Rack, the shoe department displays one of each shoe on the shelf, then you take the shoe you are interested in to the desk and they find its match. So, the boys managed to behave well enough, even helping me to look for shiny silver or red shoes. Then, we found a great shoe, I tried it on, it fit, and we went to get its partner. Unfortunately, things were slow and we were in a hurry. I tried on the other shoe, it fit, and we quickly purchased them and left. I forgot to try on both shoes at the same time and realize that they made me about 6'2" tall. I kind of towered over Dan. Fortunately there were still 2 people at the work Holiday party who I was shorter than, Jeff and Matt. But I did spend most of the evening hanging onto Dan for balance and staying close to the walls of the Magic Castle. Fortunately many of the hallways throughout the castle were narrow (walls close by) and the stairways had (oddly-low) rails.

So in summary, longer hair, taller shoes.


Shawnee K said...

You look great in both pictures! And the boys are adorable as well!

Angela said...

Yeay for shiny dresses (Love the dress!) and shiny shoes. :) I don't seem to have the same towering problem....:)