Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hello World!

Ok, so I have been lazy in posting to the blog. A terrible side effect of Facebook micro-blogging. (Side Note: It would be crazy if Will had his own facebook page for the sole purpose of playing Farmville!)

What are we currently up to? We are writing our Christmas letter. Yes, I realize that we have only a few days remaining to make it a Christmas letter prior to Christmas. We are trying really hard. It is likely that it will get written prior to Christmas, and possibly mailed after Christmas.

In the meantime, to keep things interesting, here is a picture from earlier in the year when we celebrated Alex's 1st birthday. Yes, it is sad, as a second child he didn't get posts about his 1-month birthday or his 100-days birthday or his 6-month birthday with a giant Bristol Farms 3-layer cake, or even, if you go back to check our January posts, his first birthday. This is just one of the things that I will try to blog about as the year closes.

This picture is great because:
  • The Look on Alex's Face "What?"
  • Lava Letters, "Happy Birthday Alex"
  • The backwards 1. Backwards to everyone except Alex!
  • We had to make a frosting lake because we had water dinosaur figures.
  • There had to be more than 1 candle, because we needed more fire for the volcano. Just in case you couldn't figure it out, yes, volcano cake. It was Will's idea. Seriously. I was talking about how tricky it would be to make a dinosaur cake for Alex's dinosaur party and somehow my then 2.5 year old came up with, "Mom, we should make a volcano cake for Alex's dinosaur birthday party."
  • Creative use of dry ice. Smoking Volcanoes!

Perhaps as we finish our Christmas letter, we will look at the things that we included in it and then do some catch-up posts. That is my Christmas wish. To post some blog entries. Let's see how it goes!

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