Sunday, September 20, 2009

Will's First In-Theater Movie

I have ruined my child for all future movie experiences. I took him to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" today... with an IMAX screen... in 3-D. And it wasn't even with the cheesy paper 3-D glasses either. The glasses looked like actual sunglasses and had big lenses so that you didn't have to keep adjusting the paper nose piece of other glasses every 2 minutes when they tried to fall off. Or when you moved your head to dodge the cheeseburgers that were raining down from the screen.

Of course, I remember my first movie theater experience. My family went to see "The Care Bears Movie" in 1985. It was at Studio 28, I believe, and was not in 3-D. I was nearly 10 at the time, and Robin was likely 7ish, so while there was a scary part of the movie, I don't think our parents were as concerned as I was today about the potential for needing to leave the movie theater with a distressed child.

Will did amazingly well during the movie. It helped that, unlike Disney films, there was no real villain. It was more of a story about someone wanting to be liked by others and gain his father's approval. It's tension came from the disaster movie part of it where a food storm threatens the small town and the world. There were none of the topics that Will has trouble with, such as getting lost from parents or just things getting lost in general. Oddly, the topic of attacking giant gummy bears was acceptable.

So, even though I wasn't able to capture any cute pictures of Will in 3-D glasses and post them here, I figured that I would blog anyway since Facebook is making me lazy.

And no, Alex doesn't get to go to a movie in a theater before he turns 4. Not because he is a 2nd child and unspoiled like our beloved 1st child. Unlike Will, he just doesn't have the attention span. Or perhaps he just isn't addicted to TV like our little Will.

I will try to blog again soon. Perhaps about the un-related, but matching eyebrown +stitches injuries acquired by the kids.

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