Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just Your Average Super Baby

As you may know, Alex was nearly 11 lbs when he was born.  So you might think that he would maintain this absurd size into his toddlerhood.  Oddly, he is average-sized now.  In fact, he is below the 50th percentile in weight and height.  

Back when Alex was nearly 4 months old, we realized that he was "behind" Will developmentally.  He couldn't sit on his own, couldn't stand next to an object, and he didn't care for sippy cups.  The only reason we point this out is for the sake of comparing our two children.  Because that's why you have more than one, so you can constantly compare the younger to the older and develop their oldest/youngest children syndromes.  

We weren't concerned about Alex's development since very very few babies can do anything before 4 months old.   Plus, he started sitting on Mother's Day which was when he was about 4 months and 1 week old.  He waited until about 5 months old before he started standing next to objects.  Then he surprised us by starting to stand without support in mid-September.  As we learned from Will, it takes a month between standing on own and walking.  Will started standing in mid-January 2007 and started walking in mid-February.  

Alex Standing in mid-September

Alex did not disappoint our expectations.  About a month after we found him standing on his own, he started walking.  Yup, he beat Will's record of 10.5 months old and started walking at 9.5 months old.  Roll Tape...

Alex Walking and Performing Feats of Strength


watterflower said...

Ah, the competitive second child syndrome. *must do more than first child* *aaaa*

AWillman said...

You guys create super babies...we just have a talker..BIG into words these days.