Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alex's First...

...Yuppie-Environmentalist Vacation

Dan and I finally got a chance to get away from LA on a mini-vacation. We left our focus-intensive 2-year old at home but brought the less-difficult-during-the-day-but-doesn't-like-sleeping-away-from-own-room baby. Thus the premise for the "Vacation" part of the "Yuppie-Environmentalist" adventure.

Why "Yuppie"? We went to a winery in Mendocino county, a bit north of San Francisco. Now, we didn't actually set out to go to a winery in Mendocino county. But thanks to Ralphine, we ended up with a weekend get-away package for four. And thanks to our inability to accomplish anything in a reasonable timeframe (blame placed on children here), and to Liz, we ended up with a booking that we could take advantage of this year instead of when I was pregnant last year. The yuppie wine vacation included events such as wine tasting and boating. Here are some pictures and videos:

Dan, Angela, Alex, Liz, Mike near the Tasting Room

Alex Boating while attached to Dan

Dan Tubing
(Don't worry, Alex isn't attached to him here, he stayed on the boat)

Water Skiing
The most successful of Mike's attempts,
he was the only one daring enough to try.

And finally to explain the "environmentalist" part of the event. The winery was a carbon-neutral organic place. Great for tasty grapes, not so good for recycled biodegradable bottle labels that come off when you refrigerate the wine.

So will Alex have another "Yuppie-Environmentalist Vacation" in his life? Probably not soon. If we get another chance to go away on this sort of adventure, I think we will leave both kids home. Will had a good time with his friend Asha. They played pretty well, then kind of got tired of each other after about a day.

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