Saturday, June 07, 2008

What does This Mean?

I took these pictures last night on the floor of our living room...

plastic star-shaped slinky and candy necklace

expandable with water fishie towel


coloring book and crayons

train hat and train suckers

lots of fun stickers and crayons

glow bracelets

2 knitted hats (made by Aunt Robin)

glowing, spinning led top

2 tic tac boxes with tic tacs

play-doh, bear and alligator shapers

magna-doodle with 2 push pin magnets

toy car and hummers in bag

So what does it mean?
  • Will and Alex prefer plastic bags to their normal toys?
  • We are trying to protect the toys from germs?
  • CSI: Toybox
  • Something more sinister?
Obviously it implies that we need newer, more modern carpet. We know that part. It's part of the master house plan. But in addition to the carpet, what does it mean?


Sonny said...

Okay, wait. You're saying you found these things like this? As didn't put them that? Well, obviously, CSI: Toybox is the first place I went, too, but other than the possibility that one or both of the boys are getting infracognitive interference signals from sanitation-obsessed UAV AIs (way to go, Dan), I'd say the boys have unlocked the mystery of the polymer zip. It's only a matter of time before they're cracking googleplectic encryptions! Run for your lives!

Mayson and Laura Morrissey said...

Those look like great travel toys to me. Where are you heading? I got a few ideas for the girls when take our 20 hour door-to-door trip in two weeks! Thanks. :)

LynnSofia said...

You must be going on a trip! Where too?

Angela said...

You're headed to NC for the week! Hope the trip back is less eventful! :)

Rich said...

Time capsule?