Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Uninspired Blog Post

Yup, kind of worn out from taking care of 2 kids under the age of 2. Yup, I still in the mindset that people who have only one child are brilliant.

In any case, here is a short update.

We were actually able to apply for Alex's social security card today. You see, the last time we went was when Dan was off work. We figured it would be easier to contain two children with two adults. We waited for an hour, were finally called, presented all documents that we had that testified to Alex's existence, but that wasn't enough. They told us that we still needed something to prove Alex's identity. Because we didn't give birth at a hospital, Alex was not "in the system" so they needed something else. What did we do? We went and applied for his passport. It seems that parents swearing that their child is actually their child is enough proof for the State Department. That and the birth certificate, of course. And bringing the child.

So, since I now have both the birth certificate and Alex's passport, they let him apply for the social security number. Although the lady seemed a little suspicious. She was like, "Sooo... how old is he?" Me: "almost 3 months" Her: "He seems more like 4 or 5 months old." Me: "I know, that's what the doctor said at his 2 month check up." This went on for a while, but she let me apply anyway. Haha! Now Alex can start his fake identity as a 3 month old. And lie about being younger than he is?? You know, it's really those babies with social security numbers that you have to watch out for when it comes to fraud. Hmm... maybe I should go work for SSA and help direct their risk mitigation a little.

In any case, Alex is a super-giant super-advanced child, just like Will. That's right, when he gets to be 10 years old and is months ahead of his peers, boy, watch out!

What other comparisons do I have to make between my children in order to start their sibling competitiveness early? Well, it seems that Alex is super-cute, but he isn't as cute as Will at his age. I guess Will is going to have to be the one to succeed in Hollywood as a child actor. But then again, maybe Alex with his cute squished ears has "character." Will might have to settle for being a model. :) Oh, wait, were they supposed to be rocket scientists, Dan?


LynnSofia said...

I've been thinking that if we have another baby, what if it's not as cute as Asha? hehe

watterflower said...

I gotta get you a vlog!

Angela said...

We have a video blog for Alex and Will, I just need to download videos from the cam corder and then upload them. We will post the address once we get a post or two up.