Thursday, December 13, 2007

Will is Just Like Us

Eye Care
Lately Will has been fascinated by eye care. Fortunately I have gotten him to stop trying to bend my expensive eye glasses. Unfortunately he destroyed a perfectly good pair of cheap sunglasses a few months ago.

As Will has my and Dan's genes, it is likely that he will end up wearing glasses sometime before he turns 10 years old. He is already practicing with my glasses.

Will the Egghead

Will is also fascinated with my contacts. He will give me the contact case and say, "Mom-Eye." If I hand him the (empty) contact case, he will touch the inside of it and then touch his own eye. Or, he will touch the inside of it and touch llama's eye. It seems that Mom, Will, and llama all need contacts.

Pushing strollers
Will should make a good older brother, at least in the area of stroller pushing. He will push his stroller every chance he gets. He is even pretty good at steering. This past weekend we went to Big Lots and he and his friend Asha ran around the store pushing matching, pink, princess strollers. It may be sexist of me, but I did not buy him the pink, princess stroller. Plus, I put the blue colored baby in the stroller for him.

Strolling at the Store

There are some better pictures that Lynn took from her camera phone displayed on their blog.

Will isn't one of those kids who recognize and request McDonald's. Instead, he is learning all about our yuppie lifestyle and the consumption of Starbucks. For a while we would only get him a small ice water. But then he learned how to take the lid off the ice water and get to the ice. Like Dan, much to our dentist's dismay, Will loves chewing on the ice cubes. When we fly, I always ask the flight attendant for a cup of ice for Will. It entertains him for minutes. But, the consumption of the lid-free Starbucks water usually ends in pronouncements of "wet-wet-wet" when Will ends up spilling the water on himself and his car seat. We have transitioned to occasionally buying Will a kid-sized hot chocolate. I believe that the cost of this tiny hot chocolate is $1.85. As part of our Christmas tree shopping, we stopped at Starbucks prior to going to the tree lot. Here is Will drinking the Starbucks in his car seat.

Mmmmmm... Starbucks

I guess it is true that kids take after their parents. Given this, Will has a strange life ahead of him. :)


Angela said...

Nothing like getting him started early... :)

watterflower said...

Circus school. It is your only hope.

Anonymous said...

Just a warning -- Colin started out wanting to push his stroller at every chance. It's now graduated to Colin must pull/push the shopping cart at stores or he'll throw a temper tantrum. :-) (In his defense, he's quite good at pulling a cart through stores...)