Thursday, November 29, 2007

Will is Traveling Ninja!

For Halloween this year, Will dressed up as a NINJA! Of course, you might be thinking, wasn't Will a ninja last year? And then you realize that, no, Will does not have creative parents. Plus, his outfit was big on him last year and it fit perfectly this year. So congratulations to his Aunt Robin on making a versatile costume.

Did Will like being a ninja? Last year he wore his cool ninja hood. It felt funny against his tongue This year, it made him kind of mad.

Seemingly Happy Ninja wearing Hood

Angry, Escaping Ninja

There were parts of Halloween that made Will happy. For example, he really like the pumpkins. Of course, he thought they were balls. But I think he finally learned that they are called "pumpkins" and started calling them that.

Happy Ninja with orange "ball"

You might be wondering why we called Will the "traveling ninja." As I was on a business trip until Halloween evening, Dan was trying to take Will trick-or-treating when my taxi pulled up to drop me off. Will loves luggage and immediately stole my rolling laptop bag. Even though it had heavy papers and a laptop in it, he is quite good at maneuvering it around and decided to take it with him to collect candy. I think he only ended up going to 4 houses or so, but as you can see, he started having fun when he got the bag.

"Traveling Ninja"

Ultimately Will figured out that his orange pumpkin bucket was for "treats" and went home to eat some and zone out on the comfy couch.

Tired Ninja

Does Will get to be a ninja again? Day of the Ninja is coming soon! Mark your calendars for December 5th! He probably won't be a ninja next year. His costume won't fit. But his brother will be about 10 months old and could take over the legacy. Maybe Will could be a pirate. Or maybe they could be some sort of other complimenting pair. Any ideas? Krispy Kreme box and donut? (oh, sorry... "dough"-nut) . Batman and Robin? Astronaut and Spaceship? We shall see. Maybe something train related. Will loves trains. Here he is at the mall riding their train.

Happy about Trains!


watterflower said...

Woo! Ninja returns!

Angela said...

Very cute. Way to reuse the costume. Has Dan lost weight??

Angela said...

I don't think Dan could lose enough weight to be the ninja next year. Remember, Will only weights 28lbs max! :)

LynnSofia said...

That's a great halloween costume! Asha was Pebbles.