Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Will's Second Hair Cut

As you may notice, Dan and I have passed the what-do-we-do-now-with-this-baby phase of parenting and have entered the slightly-calmer-life phase. You can tell because we were lazy and didn't post pictures of Will's first hair cut. However, now, for your viewing pleasure, here are the pictures of Will's second hair cut:

Why are we wearing capes?

Dad? Um, Dad?! What is this guy doing?

What is this weird snipping sound near my ears?

Cute Little Boy!

Will managed to survive this hair cut much better than the last one. Why? It was performed by long-time Kroboth family barber, John. He didn't go after poor Will with a scary electric razor or a loud hair dryer to blow away extra hair. Only scissors. While Will doesn't look super happy, believe me, he is good.

And, just in case you wanted the pictures from Will's First Haircut! when he was 13 months old, here are the ones I took with my camera phone.

Excited Customer in Waiting Area

I'm ready!

Leopard Print Cape? Really?


Angela said...

Go John the Barber! 3rd generation Kroboth haircut...bet he was tickled. :)

watterflower said...

Leopard print is very fashionable right now.

Angela said...

John was pretty excited, I think, I didn't go. We figured it was good timing to get Will's hair cut while we were in Charlotte. Now he is just as cute as ever and doesn't look like a girl. His extra hair tends to curl and look girly. That and the leopard print...