Sunday, September 10, 2006

Baby Costume Options

We were wandering around our local suburban paradise stripmall which includes a convenient Rite Aid drug store. Being a sugar addict, I was happy to notice a fresh stock of candy corn displayed in one of the aisles. I was a bit confused, however, I thought that candy corn was a Halloween thing. It seems that much like the day after Halloween means the start of the Christmas season, the end of summer now means that it is time for Halloween candy. Fortunately for us, Halloween candy never goes bad, so it is ok that they stock it in stores 2 months before Halloween.

Not that I endorse the celebration of Halloween, but I do enjoy dressing up and eating candy. There should be more holidays like this. And now that I am a parent, I get to dress up my child in a cute costume and eat all of the candy that he might accumulate.

Now the question becomes... what kind of costume do we dress Will up in?
Here are some options:
Ninja - Maybe we can convince Robin to produce and mail the tiny ninja costume.
Pirate - Will's first sound was "Arrrrr."
Kimono - We could put him in his baby kimono.
Star Trek - We did call him "Riker" before he was born...
TiVo Guy or TiVo remote - It only seems right.

Or, we can follow the tradition of Dan and Angela when it comes to costumes and have all of us dress up with a theme.

Gangsters of the 20's
(and a rugby player with actual scraped knee)
Halloween 2000

Japanese Costumes
Halloween 2001

Thanks to Michele (2000) and Bob (2001) for having the Halloween parties that made our prior year costuming possible. Who is up for having a party this year? We will bring a tasty, chocolately, dessert! And everyone must give Will candy.

But what should Will be? Vote now with your cellular phone. No, wait, just post a comment here on the blog.


watterflower said...

I still need measurements.

Anonymous said...

We will be having our annual pumpkin carving party. Feel free to dress up for that. Will you be back in DC then? But please do not dress your munchkin up as a pumpkin -- that could lead to an unfortunate pumpkin-carving incident for which I do not want to bear responsibility.

Angela said...

I sent the measurements, now we will see if there is a tiny ninja costume. Even if he doesn't wear it for Halloween, he can use it to sneak around when he is playing at home.

Unfortunately we won't be in DC for the pumpkin carving party, but we will be there starting tomorrow (Friday) for 10 days. See you there!