Monday, August 21, 2006

Supermodel Baby

I regret to inform you that if we have a second child, she will be terribly underphotographed. There is really no way to compete with the amount of pictures that we have of Will.

"DJ Willy Will K"

Grilling with Dad

Too Many Toys

Getting Some Shut Eye
(with exaggerated snoring action)

Happily Hanging out on the Couch
(look mom, my 6 month-old clothes fit!)

Crazed Tigers' Fan
(I think we are going to need a smaller hat)

Concerned Georgia Tech Fan
(we definately need a smaller sweatshirt)

Jumping Toy? Yea!


Sandy Feet (at Hoffmaster)

Damp Sandy Feet (in Lake Michigan)

Hanging out at Mission Beach, CA

Staying warm on an Oregon beach


Crazy Obsessed Parent with Camera... Signing off...


watterflower said...

In reference to the last picture; if you have another kid, it will probably BE twins. You can take half as many pictures and just make copies.

Laura Morrissey said...

I like how you already refered to your second child as a "she." Are you putting in your order?

Angela said...

I'm just using "she" as a generic pronoun. I'm sure Will won't mind either a brother or sister. Or maybe a close friend. Close friends don't require 10 months of pregnancy and 4 days of labor. Perhaps Rebecca would be interested in being Will's close friend. (Hmmm... perhaps we should try to find a close friend in the same country as us.)

Liz said...

Hilarious as always! I think my favorite is the Crazed Tigers Fan. If he is this enthusiastic at such an early age, what will he be like as an adult?

Angela Hines said...

Love the "Incognito" look.

Angela Hines said...

By the way...that would be normal to have fewer pics. There are too many other things to do other than have a camera ready! (Like haul Joshua out of the bathroom where he is trying to wash is hands in the toilet...again) I have to force myself to remember sometimes!