Saturday, April 01, 2006

Will, his name be...

Dan and I have put many minutes of thought into the naming of our child over the past 9 months. Here is what we have come up with:

William Riker Kroboth - Obviously the adorableness of calling our first child Riker after "Number 1" in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" had to carry over into a proper name.

William (the) Conqueror Kroboth - How can you not be destined for greatness with this one?

William The Kroboth - A shorter version of the above, but focuses more on his Krobothness.

William Shatner Kroboth - He could do anything. Command a starship, release an album, endlessly repeat his name, the possibilities are endless.

Wil Wheaton Kroboth - Still along the science fiction theme, but this one would apply the most if he were the adorably cute member of the Kroboth crew.

Happy April Fool's Day!


Angela Hines said...

I like "Will The Kroboth". It really captures the essence of being in this family. :)

Cam said...

There may be a surprise with the Watterworth angle? Angela may be saying at this point, "make it so #1".

from both Dad and Joel