Thursday, April 06, 2006

William Kengo Kroboth

After 5 days of waiting, 20 hours of intermittant labor for Angela, and 32 hours of unlabor for Dan,
Will was born at 3:26 PM JST. on 4/6/06. He weighed 4766g (10 lbs 8 oz) and was 54.5 cm (21.5 inches) long.

Both Angela and Will are resting and doing well.

Pictures to follow.


JoliSoliDeoGloria said...

Congratulations, Dan and Angela! Today is my Dad's birthday too. I'll let M&S know your news.


Angela Hines said...

YEAY! Congrats!! Can't wait to see pictures!

Liz said...

Horray! Congratulations guys! :) Can't wait to meet the little one. :)

Jen L said...

Yay!!!!! Congratulations!

Angela, you and Will beat me. Glad it's all over and you're all three well and happy! Welcome, Will!


watterflower said...

So then, can we call him Willy Will K? You just name a baby with a ready-to-go DJ name. Sweet. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all. Hope everyone is still doing well.

Adam Mackenroth

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kroboth's! What a cutie!

Shawnee Fleetwood-Krueger

Anonymous said...

He is cute! He doesn't have cone head like Colin did. :)
Shannon Mackenroth