Monday, April 03, 2006

Ueno Zoo

Dan and I finally got a chance to see the Ueno Zoo today. The weather is great and the cherry blossoms are even further along. The animals were pretty cool too. Unlike when Deuce visited them, they were warm and dry (She visited when it was raining). Here are a few pictures:

Mmmm... The tasty emu. If you have never had emu, don't let this picture turn you off to it. This dark, brooding emu looks a little tough. However, you eat chickens, right? They aren't all that attractive in adult form. Emu is much darker than chicken. Closer to beef. We will have to change the phrase to, "Tastes like cow!"

Here is another large bird that we saw. It didn't look as tasty as the emu.

What's that up in the tree? Is it a bird? Is it a bear? No, it's actually a porcupine. We weren't sure how he was going to get down, but he seemed pretty happy up in the tree licking the branches.

And this is what I currently feel like. A large hippo. Ok, maybe I wouldn't actually go out and sunbathe, but I am kind of large. Yes... still.

And look, I am even wearing "hippo gray." Here you can see some more cherry blossoms and a shrine behind us. Also featured in this picture is the fact that we are waiting until we get back to the US to get hair cuts. Dan's hair is producing random curls and mine is just a little confused.

The zoo was nice. It gave us time to walk around. We even got ice cream. Mmmm... Ice cream is tastier than emu.


watterflower said...

Weren't they supposed to, ya know, induce labor? I'm sitting here, worried over how long it is taking you to contact us after going into the clinic, and you are going to the zoo? I see how you are....

Angela said...

Don't worry, my midwife, Sachiko, was with us at the zoo. Who do you think took the picture of Dan and I? Walking is an important part of labor, it seems. The zoo is near the clinic. :)

watterflower said...

I wasn't worried that you were at the zoo, I was concerned that you didn't contact Minnsota after you said you were going into the clinic.

No more Emu for you.

UJoel said...

Looks like a healthy akachan (more gratuitous showoff Japanese). Love you, UJoel