Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Will Kroboth - International World Traveler

Thursday, April 6th - Will Kengo Kroboth is born. Poses for passport picture.
Friday, April 7th - Dan, Angela, and Will go on first outing to the American Embassy in Tokyo.

One Week Later...

Friday, April 14th, 4:30pm - Will receives his passport!
Saturday, April 15th, 2:20pm - First International Flight.

Yes, the good people at the State Department were able to get Will's passport processed in time for us to depart as planned. First we said goodbye to our Tokyo friends:

Then we left for the airport. Will likes to travel. Here he is on the train to the airport in his typical travel state.

Here is what he looks like in a car seat:

Yup, for the 11 hour Tokyo to Chicago flight, Will was asleep a lot. For me, it was the most sleep I had gotten since he was born. Then, for the Chicago to DC flight, he was asleep the entire time. Even though there was this other kid who was crying the entire time, Will slept through it all.

So Dan, Will, and I made it back to the United States! On our way through immigration at the Tokyo airport, we were pulled aside. Dan filled out the disembarking paperwork for Will. Arriving Flight: n/a. Purpose of Visit: Birth.

After returning to the United States, Will got to meet one set of his grandparents:

It is very nice to be back at our condo in Virginia. We have much space. We have colorful walls. We get to sleep in our own bed.

Where and when will our next adventure be? San Diego on Sunday! Southern California, here we come!


watterflower said...

How come all the car seats have weird plaid on them?

Dan said...

That's the one we borrowed from my sister. Thanks Angela!

We just bought one that was a fancy monotone brown. However, we did not buy the uber-carseat. It was around $300 dollars and included airbags and its own zip code.

Anonymous said...

Will is beautiful. Wish I could have gotten to see him, I was out of town. Hope you move goes smoothly, I think you will really enjoy the weather in CA. keep the pictures coming.