Sunday, April 09, 2006

Photo Madness

Here are two later pictures of Will, he looks a little thinner now that the birth swelling has gone down a bit.

Also, I neglected to explain a couple of vital things in his announcement. The first is where Kengo comes from. The answer is that William means "Protector," and Kengo is the translation of protector we happened to like best. Apparently, we need to pick the appropriate Kanji (Chinese characters) for this meaning since there are several different Kanji combinations which can be pronounced Kengo.

Second, by unlabor, I was referring to the 4 (32 hours) days of vacation I took by avoiding work and hanging out waiting for the birth.


Angela Hines said...

I think he looks a lot like Joshua did at that age. It's the Kroboth features! He's very cute...and no longer looks like a Sumo wrestler...just a one month old!

Liz said...

Aww he is too cute! :) And thanks for clearing up the name confusion. I couldn't quite figure out how William = Kengo.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How beautiful he is and such a pretty name. I hope the passport comes soon and he comes thru DC before we leave here at the end of May. I would love to hole him. Frances Cerbins

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! He looks so precious! Can't wait to meet him and see ya'll back in the states. miss ya bunches!
Darien and Candace

John Lesko said...

William "the Protector" Kroboth ... Wow! ... Aren't baby's cool?!?!

Happy to have this BLOG link so that we can keep up w/ your adventures. I'm envious. Always wanted to see the Orient; particularly Japan.

Best of luck to you all,
John Lesko

watterflower said...

hmmmm, I have a pretty cute nephew. You guys did good.

February said...

Oh my gosh he is sooooo cute! :)