Sunday, January 13, 2008

Surveilling the Child(ren)

Angela and I have been without a baby monitor since we moved to Redondo Beach. The 900 MHz model that we purchased and used in San Diego suffer interference from a local radio station or someones wireless speakers or something else. However, with Alex here, we decided we should try to get something working. Since the two boys are supposed to sleep in the same room, we decided to get a video monitor so we could make sure they weren't physically harming one another. So, we picked up the two camera, one video monitor, $150 wireless version from Babies R' Overpriced Us. This fancy new 2.4 GHz model was also completely overwhelmed by our hi-tech neighbors massive number of interfering wireless systems.
Two choices:
a) purchase digital spread spectrum voice-only for $200
b) go to Fry's and roll my own

I choose b. and paid $70 for basically the same setup but when two wired cameras instead of wireless...

And it works....yea1


Angela said...

yeay for innovating!

watterflower said...

Yeah for spying on children!

So, where are more pictures?

liz said...

Seriously, now that you're video-taping, surely you've managed to acquire a flattering image of Alex! :)