Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Exciting New Year Resolutions...

As the New Year begins, we reflect on the things we resolved to do last year and look forward to the things we hope to do this year.

Of course, the fact that I am still pregnant is related to my failure to finish some things last year...
  • Primarily - Producing another tax deduction for 2007. Our accountant told us that even if we have the baby on my due date, January 1st, we can still count him for last year. Of course, with only a few hours left in January 1st, it's not looking too hopeful.
  • NY Resolution 2007 - "Be More Fashionable." I was on my way. I had a personal shopper at Macy's and stylish clothes that fit me. Then April happened and I was pregnant. So I pulled out the box of maternity clothes and settled in for the 9/10 month adventure that is pregnancy fashion. Pregnancy fashion basically involves a lot of stretchy stuff. And bows. Why are bows required on all pregnancy shirts? Beats me. Although, I did have the advantage of looking like a Christmas present all through the holiday season.
So what great new resolutions have we come up with for 2008?

Having the baby seems like an attainable New Year's Resolution. And why create a resolution that depends on a long time frame when you can make one that is sure to occur in 2 weeks or so?

"Be More Fashionable"
My specific goal related to this is to go swimsuit shopping on June 1st. Obviously with the stretch marks and still recovering stomach, I'm not going to be able to wear a 2-piece swimsuit. I'm thinking a neat 1-piece. It may be possible to lose the 40 extra pounds I am carrying around by then. Counter to the random man in Starbucks who commented, "It looks like you are 32 weeks pregnant and have kept your weight gain down," I am 40 weeks pregnant and have not kept my weight gain down. Ah, if only I had that tact of random-Starbucks-man.

A bit bigger than normal this Christmas
(the bow on this shirt ties on the back)

Getting a job might be nice. If only I could find someone who is interested in hiring me for part-time, mostly working from home.

Time is running out. I must finish my DTM before June when the criteria changes. Otherwise I have to figure out the new criteria and do a bunch of random other stuff. I have less than 10 speeches to go! Must give speeches. And mentor a new member with their first 3 speeches. Any new members out there near Redondo Beach who want a mentor?

Everyone Else
Of course we all know that I will make resolutions and set goals, but what about the rest of the family?

Dan's New Year Resolution is to wear socks that do not have holes in them. You know how men tend to keep their socks forever as long as there is one sock particle holding the sock together? So far, the resolution is working out well. Dan actually went shopping for socks, then threw some old socks away. I think that this effort is part of his secret plan to someday return to Japan where you need hole-free socks since you take your shoes off frequently.

Will is good in the sock department, especially since Dad and Lee just provided him with a bunch of new socks (and other neat clothes) that will fit him for a long time. What sort of resolutions would a 21-month old child make? I think that he would like to spend more time with trains. Maybe we will take him on a train trip this year. Other than that, we are hoping that he resolves to learn how to share.

Will has quite the set of opinions these days. This may extend to him creating his own resolutions including reducing the amount of time he sleeps. Also, I am starting to think that he is involved in Dan's secret plan to return to Japan. The other day he took all of his old shoes and put them in the entry way pointing out. When you take off your shoes in a Japanese place, it is polite to turn them to point out so that they are easier to put on as you exit.

Who me? Returning to Japanese roots?

New Baby
Should the new baby have resolutions prior to being born? As classic over-achievers, Dan and I encourage this. We are thinking that the goal of sleeping all night would be good. Ultimately, in 2008, we hope that he also learns stuff like crawling and walking. And, like Will, but to a slightly lesser degree, the new one should establish a frequent flyer account, get a passport, and do some travel. On the horizon: His first out of state trip will be in March, most likely to AZ baseball spring training. His first international trip will be to Vancouver in April. His first mid-west trip may be to Michigan for the 4th of July. And his first trip all the way across the country will be to New York City in August.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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