Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Little Known Fact about our Japanese Apartment

Currently Dan and I are living on the 14th floor of an apartment building in Iwatocho (stone gate town) which is part of Shinjuku-ku. The 14th floor happens to be the top floor of the building. Plus, our apartment is 2 levels, so technically there are about 15 floors.

In any case, the little known fact is this: The stairway up to the 14th floor has 211 stairs. I suppose this would be useful to know should you want to escape from a fire or earthquake. Or perhaps it might be useful if you need to know how many stairs you have climbed to try to convince your stubborn child to drop down into your pelvis so that he can be born. In any case, today I walked the stairs 6 times. Yesterday I did it 1 time after I got back from 1.5 hours of walking in the afternoon and 5 times in the evening after dinner.

That's 2,532 stairs total!

I have determined that if I can make it through an hour of climbing stairs every day, the hour of transition labor is going to be cake.


The Jobe Family said...

I don't know how many weeks you are from reading your entry, but if you want to help condition the uterus for an easier (and possibly an earlier birth-sooner than a 42 week) labor drink a lot of raspberry tea, cold or hot doesn't matter. I would think they would have that there in Japan, as it seems to be something a lot of moms know about across the culture lines. Let me know if you have a hard time finding it.

Angela said...

The raspberry leaf tea is very tasty. I have been drinking it for over a week. Now I am on my second box. Beleive me, I have tried everything (except eggplant and castor oil). Now back to the stairs!

Anonymous said...

if nothing else you will be in great shape... it won't be long now. Linda

Benjamin said...

Wow, you do have time on your hands. Hope all is well with you. Just read your blog and got up to date on everything. Just watched 'Memoirs of a Gheisha'. I'm obsessed with the book. And so, I'm jealous that you get to be there during the actual cherry blossom festivities. Anyway, that's all for now.