Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Eden Scented Sherberts Hippo Teething Blanket"

Sounds like a story fit for Rocketboom, but no, it was actually a surprise baby gift sent to us by our hippo-loving sister, Robin.

Not only does this hippo based item come in purple, the color of most stuffed hippos, it also features:
  • Soothing for teething Babies
  • Knots for chewing as baby forms first tooth
  • Small enough for little hands to hold
  • Gentle, baby-friendly scent helps calm
  • Unconditionally guaranteed for life

Indeed, it is soft and cuddly. We may let our kid play with it even before he develops his first tooth. It seems like it may be a good receptacle for the dreaded baby drool. (Understand that it is not just baby drool that I dread, but all drool. I dread dog drool, cat drool, toddler drool, dan drool, all drool!)

As our kid has not been born yet and is far from teething, I am not sure the gentle, baby-friendly scent will last long enough to calm him. However, we hope that this will work out as calm babies are better than the opposite of calm. Maybe that is why he is so hyper right now? He does not have a calm hippo scent to keep him calm.

I'm not sure what it means for the towel to be unconditionally guaranteed for life, but the product packaging also suggests that I "read and retain all product information." As if I am going to store the box the hippo came in just in case the dreaded baby drool destroys one of the knots or rubs off the hippo's cute stitched pink nose.

An additional feature for our kid - Satisfying genetic tendencies. Where does this love of hippos come from? Grandma Ev was quite the collector of hippos. That's where Robin gets it. So, hopefully this will help to satisfy the Grandma Ev tendencies that our kid my have. This will save us a lot on Godiva Chocolates and silver.

Where can I get one of these?
The "Eden Scented Sherberts Hippo Teething Blanket" seems to be available from or from an merchant. Have fun shopping!

Do you need one of these devices but don't like hippos? Don't worry, the "Eden Scented Sherberts Teething Blanket" is also available in Monkey, Frog, and Pig. Hmmm, pig could be useful if you want to instill a strong love of chewing on bacon in your youngster (Rich and Amanda?).

Thank you for the gift!
So, Robin, this is your official thank you for the nifty gift. We hope to use it for the various purposes stated above. It was very thoughtful of you to send the hippo to Japan so we can implement its calming effects immediately. It may be useful on the international flight back to the US. Thanks!


watterflower said...

See, it isn't a really manly blanket, but he is a baby, so I think it will be ok.

BTW, this isn't what I meant by heirloom gift.

Angela said...

He will get to chew on it in an aggressive manner. Perhaps that is where the manliness comes in. Plus, it's not like it is pink... although it is pastel.

Anonymous said...

Why do Rich and I need to instill a love of chewing bacon in our children?

Angela said...

Perhaps Rich will be disappointed if your children do not take after him in his love for bacon? You must encourage them in the ways of the midwest!

Anonymous said...

Bacon is also the way of Texas as well! In fact, my father-in-law and I just had that conversation last weekend...I can not give up pork bacon for turkey's just wrong!